In Italy - Fashionable apartment for sale.

Closer to the sea you cannot live: only the beach and the Adriatic Sea are in front of the balcony.

The apartment is light and spacious, with two storeys, balcony and terrace.

Interested in owning an apartment in Italy?

Apartment for sale in the small town Cupra Marittima, 80 kms south of Ancona in the Marche region. The apartment was acquired by our father in 1994. He was an artist and had spent one month every year since the 1970s in Cupra, and continued to do so for many years, restlessly painting in a landscape he found more appealing than Tuscany.

Pontus and Jonas Ljungberg


Price: to be discussed
Number of rooms: 5
Living area: 165 sqm
Supplementary: 94 sqm (terrace, balcony, and garage)
The house: 3 stories of which this apartment has 2, on the gable.
Kitchen: equipped and generous space.
Bathrooms: 2, one on each level.

Apartment for sale on the beach in Italy. Would you like to buy an apartment in Italy? Fashionable apartment in two floors for sale in Cupra Marittima.